TRL Achievements

2nd September 2020

• WP1.1 Heated Leading Edge for Dasault Aviation High Speed Business Jet: TRL5 Janaury 2020
• WP2.3 TWB: TRL4 2016
• WP4.4 Innovative power controller: TRL 3 November 2018
• WP6 Ultrasound Ice Protection: TRL2 November 2017
• WP6 Ultrasound Ice Protection: TRL2 November 2018

Forthcoming events

Date Location Event
Nov 2020 Ottawa, Canada NRC Icing test for WP 6.6 & WP 7.2
Jan 2021 TBC GAINS Annual Progress Review
March 2021 Capua, Italy CIRA Icing test for WP 7.1

Past meetings of note

1st September 2020

Working with the CSJU

  • MPC has the Coordinator of GAINS support and contributes to both the Airframe ITD Project Management and Steering Committee bi monthly meetings.
  • GAINS represent the Airframe ITD on the CSJU Governing board during 2016.
  • GAINS presented at the CSJU ‘Structural Integration of Ice Protection Technologies’ Workshop held in Brussels on March 22 2018.
  • GAINS support the Aerospace Technology Institute, European Funding Workshop, held at East Midlands Airport in October 2018
  • GAINS present at the AEROdays 2019 Bucharest May 29. The topic covered was ‘Innovations in structures and system integration

GAINS presented progress at the following Airframe ITD annual reviews

  • Seville, Spain May 2016
  • Madrid, Spain May 2017
  • Biarritz, France April 2018
  • Linköping, Sweden May 2019
  • Virtual, May 2020

With the collaboration of the Work Area Leaders (Dassault Aviation and Airbus) GAINS has held the following internal progress reviews:

  • 1st Progress review was held at the University of Nottingham, Aerospace Technology Centre, Jubilee Campus in October 2016
  • 2nd Progress review was held at Kvistgaard, Denmark, in November 2017
  • 3rd Progress review was held at Angers, France, in November 2018

4th Progress review was held at Sheffield (AMRC), UK, in November 2019